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  1. Hello,


    Is it possible to manual Route in arcs?


    It is possible to route manually in the Manual Editor with "Arcs" button toggled on. In the Manual Editor the wires would appear as approximated lines, however, when you switch to the Freestyle Editor, the wires will take arc-like shapes.


    In our new version 6.0, the arcs mode will be visual in the Manual Editor as well.

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  2. We're still working on Eagle <-> TopoR convertor and for now we have "Import" (Eagle -> TopoR) on the stage of final testing, and "Export" (Eagle <- TopoR) is on the early stages.


    Will keep you posted ;)


    Just wondering if the EAGLE import/export will support earlier versions of EAGLE, or will it be 6.xx only?


    We are going to support only 6.xx versions, as starting from 6.0. EAGLE posted their XML format, which lets us make a converter.

    You should try and find out if there's a way to make transition within EAGLE and get old files in 6.xx format.

  3. Sorry for the late reply (was away at the Embedded World 2012, Nuremberg)


    Example 1: An autorouting variant with "0 Errors" leaves some wires unrouted.



    This error is quite rare, so it's quite difficult to trace and resolve it. We are working closely on such issues and if you could email the project to me it will be highly appreciated.


    Suggestions given in previous emails remain the same: work with sensitive issues manually and fix the segments of wires.


    Example 2: Freestyle Mode draws wires wildly across other wires in the same layer. After re-routing the conflicting wire in Manual Mode, resolving the errors, and switching back to Freestyle, the wire snaps back to the wrong position.




    There's been a few bugs fixed regarding wire snaps, but some of the issues remain and we hope to solve them asap.


    Example 3: Switching between Manual and Freestyle makes routed wires magically disappear. After manually routing them again and switching back and forth, they are gone.


    Well, this error is similar to "Example 1", so the suggestion for now is the same - fix the wires.



    Example 4: Freestyle Mode produces non-DRC-compliant routings with wires that do not seem quite optimal. I last experienced this bug in version 5.2 because I haven't had the need to process this particular design ever since. However, since bugs 1-3 are still in there in the latest version, I would bet so is number 4.



    These are so called "insensitivities" that we are managing as well. There's been a lot of them traced and solved, so if you try the project you've mentioned in TopoR 5.3. you should see the difference.



    All in all, severe routing bugs you were reporting are quite difficult to fix within short period of time, but we are working on them.

    Thank you for the report and hope to hear from you soon (with a project attached :rolleyes: )

    Elena F.

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  4. Greetings from California! B)

    First, well done with the TopoR program. A unique concept, with a good (and improving) UI.

    I am using it with Eagle 5.11.

    Keep up the good work, this tool is about to save me at least 3 weeks of time on one project.

    I do not understand why it is not used more in the USA.


    Thank you Joe :)



    One interesting feature for possible future updates:

    For circles, if the line width is 0, make the circle a filled area.

    The Polygon equivalent is a little difficult to draw, and results in

    an output that doesn't quite match the circle when imported back to Eagle.


    First of all, I'd like to ask how did you manage to import the project back into Eagle, as we only import from, and don't return back. Would like to know what's the trick there.



    As for the circles and polygons, I'd like to ask for more details. Are you talking about circle copper area? What's the problem with creating one?

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