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Incredible magic, tricks and illusions

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Illusionists of good taste with an innate sense of tact and an acquired sense of humor
Charisma, intellectual humor and pleasant timbre are the qualities of Professional mageex illusionists. Real masters of improvisation who have a lightning reaction to what is happening. Perhaps the best illusionists in Moscow for a modern, advanced and educated audience. Their track record includes more than 500 successful events: weddings, corporate events, presentations, awards, parties; working with show business stars and participating in TV projects. The Kulakov brothers are regular participants in educational workshops and professional forums.
The Mageex Brothers consider their strengths to be intelligence, ability to improvise and adequacy in the harsh realities of Russian show business. In addition, they come up with unique numbers and amazing "illusion" developments that are used in videos that have already received recognition from a multi-million Internet audience and famous artists.

Mageex is a wow show of illusions and tricks with an unusual visually interactive format.
Order the best magic show and get a lot of positive emotions and miracles
Interactive and visual performance is the best gift for any event
This is an incredible emotion and an indescribable joy for everyone
You will find the most amazing and velikolepnye magic tricks from professional magicians Brothers Kulakovich.
They will choose the best program of illusions and make the event truly wonderful!

Есть очень много разных форматов выступлений, под каждое мероприятие составляется индивидуальный сценарий.
They create shows programs and tricks that can not be found just like that on the Internet, the Kulakov brothers have many awards and commendations

You can always order заказать иллюзиониста в Москве on the official website of the illusionists or an official phone number +79996356999

Also, be sure to visit them at instagram

Here is an interesting article about illusions

The first known document that mentions the art of illusion is the ancient Egyptian papyrus Vestkar, named after the owner of the collection where it was originally stored. It contains legends Dating back to 2900 BC, the era of the reign of the Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops). One of the legends mentions the performance of a magician and trainer DJEDI, who can put in place and grow a severed head of a goose and can make a lion follow him without fetters mageex illusionists also know how to do this.
WEBA-ANER — one of the magicians mentioned in the Westcar papyri, was known to take a small wax figure of a crocodile and inexplicably transform it into a living, adult, and very ferocious beast.
For the first time in fiction about magicians mentioned in the XVI century: Teofilo Folengo of Mantua in his poem "Macaronada" brought a magician named BOCCAL de BERGAMOSC.
The Italian BALDUCCI performed a trick with an imaginary decapitation and increment of the severed head in 1750. He released a rooster on the stage, whose head was previously tucked under the wing and tied in this position. In its place, the severed head of another rooster was attached to the body. BALDUCCI let the rooster run a few steps, "cut off" his head, "blood" gushed, and he showed this head to the audience. Then he covered the bird with a handkerchief, freed the real head from under the wing, and hid the severed one. After that, the live and unharmed rooster was shown to the audience.

May the Magic come with You!

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