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What do you know about magic?

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Mageex brothers show — best illusion show 2020
MAGEEX-showmen, illusionists and magicians with a great sense of humor and positive energy. A distinctive feature of events, including weddings, where they perform , are brightness, intelligence and a high degree of emotion. It will not be difficult for them to organize and attract 5 or 2000 people with their magic shows. mageex illusion and acrobatic show pays attention to all guests and feels the audience perfectly, being able to create a pleasant and amazing holiday atmosphere.

Mageex is a fantastic illusionary acrobatic show in a visually interactive format.
Order the best illusionist and get a lot of positive emotions and miracles
Interactive and visual performance is the best gift for any event
This is an unsurpassed level of skill and magic
You are waiting for the most amazing and incredible tricks from professionals in Their field – mageex Brothers illusionists.
They will select a magic program of tricks and make the event truly unforgettable!

There are a lot of different exclusive programs, each event has an individual scenario.
They create shows programs and tricks that can not be found just like that on the Internet, the Kulakov brothers have many awards and commendations

You can always order Order the Kulakov brothers illusionists on the official website of the illusionists or an official phone number +79996356999

Also, be sure to visit them at instagram of the best illusionistshttp://www.instagram.com/mageex/

Here is an interesting article about magic

From the very early childhood, each of us believed in a miracle and regretfully parted with a children's fairy tale and belief in magic. Each of us believed in Santa Claus, but no matter how old we are today, we are still spellbound, watching the magician and can not take our eyes off his hands that carry magic. What is the secret of this mysterious magic? It is considered that magic is a special art form based on the skill and high professionalism of the magician. It is akin to magic, for it misleads us with its fantastic complexity.
It is known that magic tricks were popular in ancient times. The earliest evidence dates back to 1700 BC. The ancient Greeks and Romans loved to watch tricks, especially those that used various hidden mechanisms. With the help of these mechanisms, magicians performed real miracles: the huge doors of temples opened by themselves, wine poured from the hands of marble statues. What did not magicians invent to win over their insatiable audience?! And the audience understood that often under the supernatural miracle is sleight of hand, and called resourceful artists illusionists, since the term "illusio" in Latin means delusion, deception.
In the modern world, focus is presented as a circus genre, which is based on demonstrating the appearance, disappearance, movement of objects, as well as changes in their shape, volume, color, and even the transformation of various objects, animals, and people. How do magicians manage all this? It is very simple, because a magician is a creative person who always strives for something new and constantly improves his skills. An illusionist is a wonderful artist who can create complex technical tricks, easily present them on stage, improvise and surprise the audience with talent and illusions.

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