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What do you know about magic?

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Mageex illusion show is a driving, amazing and charismatic show that everyone will love!
Illusionists Kulakov Brothers subtly feel the mood of the audience and each guest individually. They are truly positive artists, so they "light up" all those present with their irrepressible energy and perfectly coordinated work.
Among the clients of professional illusionists are the largest companies: Gazprom, Bentley, Cadillac, Audi, Lexus, Nike, Beeline, MTS, channel One, and PIK group of companies. Illusionists perform at private events of show business stars.
Mageex-always offer customers and newlyweds to use bright and non-standard moves, come up with original ideas that make a splash and an incredible effect at the event.

Mageex is a visual interactive show of illusions and tricks from professional illusionists the Kulakov Brothers
Order the best magician And get an ocean of unforgettable emotions
Interactive and visual performance is the best gift for any occasion,
This is an unsurpassed level of skill and magic
You are waiting for the most amazing and amazing tricks from professionals in their field – illusionists Kulakov Brothers.
They will select an incredible show program of illusions and make the event truly magical!

There are a lot of different show programs, and an original script is created for each event.
They create shows programs and incredible illusions only with professional props

You can always order Order a magician for your birthday on the official website of the illusionists or an official phone number +79996356999

And also, be sure to fly into their instagram

Вот интересная статья о фокусах

What is the focus? In the Middle ages, it was believed that tricks and tricks - this is something diabolical. Traveling magicians, demonstrating their tricks to the audience, tried their best to show the divine origin of their tricks, for which they made the sign of the cross and called on the name of Jesus Christ. Ancient magicians used a phrase that was usually uttered in the Temple during the removal of the Holy gifts: "hoc est corpus meum" - "This is my body".
Over the years, the meaning of this phrase was forgotten and "hawk est corpus meum" turned into "hokus-Pokus". In Russia the "Hokusai" turned into "focus".
Vladimir Dal in his dictionary gives the following definition: Hocus-pocus-buffoonery, a JOKE, a hassle, a diversion, an incomprehensible phenomenon based on the art of pretense. Magician – the magician or mountebank".
Dahl, who is familiar with the tricks and tricks of show magicians and with salon magic, pointed out the main rule in the work of magicians – "averting the eyes", i.e. distraction. In the modern world, illusionism is a demonstration of tricks using various equipment, the unexpected appearance and disappearance of large objects, people, etc. Manipulation-tricks with small objects: balls, handkerchiefs, cards.
The main principle of a magician is to say the opposite of what you are doing. This rule was invented by ancient magicians and magicians. A person can't keep track of two actions at the same time. It follows that the magician must be able to make several uncoordinated separate movements at the same time. Many people talk about the" elusive movements " of the magician. This is not true. All the movements of the magician should be visible to the audience, they just direct the audience's attention in the other direction.
There are many magicians in the world now. Illusion shows awaken the viewer's imagination, make them dream and believe in miracles. Every encounter with magic tricks brings a person delight and surprise.

May the Magic come with You!

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