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  1. Thanks for your reply Elena. I sent Evgeniy the project files back in 2010.
  2. Dear TopoR Team, After experimenting with the Free version of TopoR for quite a while, I was eager to try the new v5.3 to see if some of the old routing bugs have been fixed. Turns out they are not. All of these bugs have reported to Evgeniy Korneliyev and Elena Fulton who received me in a very friendly way, reassuring that those bugs were known and would be fixed in the near future. I also sent them some designs that show these problems. However, my first report dates back to January 2010 and as of today the bugs are still here. Here are a few examples: Example 1: An autorouting variant with "0 Errors" leaves some wires unrouted. Example 2: Freestyle Mode draws wires wildly across other wires in the same layer. After re-routing the conflicting wire in Manual Mode, resolving the errors, and switching back to Freestyle, the wire snaps back to the wrong position. Example 3: Switching between Manual and Freestyle makes routed wires magically disappear. After manually routing them again and switching back and forth, they are gone. Example 4: Freestyle Mode produces non-DRC-compliant routings with wires that do not seem quite optimal. I last experienced this bug in version 5.2 because I haven't had the need to process this particular design ever since. However, since bugs 1-3 are still in there in the latest version, I would bet so is number 4. Overall, I like TopoR as a tool for easy manual routing and PCB beautification (my main design workflow is in EAGLE). You will find that I have in the past been very enthusiastic about your software, and recommended it in a couple of user forums. In fact, after using the free version in a handful projects, I'd love to buy a full license in the near future, even though I rarely hit the limits of the free version. At the same time, however, these are serious issues that make it near impossible to work smoothly. Every time I correct one of the problems by hand, switching to Freestyle Mode and back kills it again. Even worse, with every update these bugs seem to appear more frequently and more severely (I have tried at least 7 different TopoR versions including the one available for download today). Am I the only one with these problems, and if not, when can we expect them to be fixed? Kind regards, Matthias Hullin
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