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    TopoR 5.2.1 Comments and Questons

    Hi all, Just a bump (not really necessary; this was the second topmost thread...) I'm of course eager to try out any converter stuff you might have come up with so far. I know its a busy period now before summer vacations, but still... If you have an updated forecast we would appreciate if you could share it with us. Kind regards, Marcin
  2. Eriond

    TopoR 5.2.1 Comments and Questons

    Thank you, Elena. Given this forecast, I can't see that neither myself, or Joe, will be able to do a comparable tool within the same (or shorter) timeframe. I'm also confident that your team, given their many-year long experience of coding, will do an excellent job. I'd love if you would consider integrating this feature into TopoR itself (instead of an external tool), but any solution is ok. I would be happy to help out with any beta-testing when available! Thanx again! Great news! /Marcin
  3. Eriond

    TopoR 5.2.1 Comments and Questons

    Yes, I have read through both the TopoR and Eagle file format documents, and realized that I have quite a way to go before I grasp the whole concept. You see, I'm a GUI kind of guy, although I would say I'm a fairly good programmer. So before I embark on this journey that will easily consume 2-300 hours, I would need to know that we don't "re-invent the wheel" on each side... It would also be nice to know if there is any work being done from Eremex on this Eagle suport issue? I was in contact with Elena a while ago, but haven't had anything confirmed yet. Regards,Marcin
  4. Eriond

    TopoR 5.2.1 Comments and Questons

    Could you consider sharing this application with the rest of the TopoR community? I know that there are plenty of us out there in need of importing the routed results back into Eagle. Kind regards, Eriond