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MNA Equations

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Dear lauryn,

Thanks for your interest in SimOne.


Getting MNA Equations is simple


1. Run any circuit simulation you're interested in.

2. Choose Simulation->Export->Numeric Data... or Simulation->Export->Symbolic Data...

and specify the file-type: *.m for Matlab files or *.mw for Maple files.


Unfortunately, the feature is not well-tested yet. We'll appreciate your feedback on the matter.

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I have tested it for the Example2 bat10.sch

in the .m-file I don't see where the Input Voltage sin() is...

Transistor and Diode Equations are also not in this export file...


And the comments are not readable...because its anothe language..




I need the MNA Equations because I want to try solving these equations with MATLAB..



Thank You

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Thanks for trying and finding this bugs.


There's no problem with correcting comments and sources equations.


About transistors and diode current equations:

These equations may be too cumbersome for some device models (say, MOSFET LEVEL=2,3).

For some relatively simple current equations such as SPICE-Diode, Gummel-Poon BJT, JFET transistors etc. it's possible to write down corresponding expressions explicitly, which we work on.


You may also find needed SPICE-models current equations in the literature on the topic, such as well-known The SPICE Book by A. Vladimirescu or others, and manually add them into your .m file.


We will fix the mentioned problems in the next release. See new version of SimOne soon.

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